August 21, 2020


"Dave has been very gracious and provided plenty of time while trying to put together the right Kermath motor for my boat. I have visited him on multiple occasions where he is happy to talk and show me what I'm looking for. He is extremely knowledgeable on these motors! Talked about boat restoration on my last visit. Dave is a true artisan-his work reflects it, as does his wait list. Great guy to help you out!! "
August 6, 2020

"Being a novice at most mechanical things and acquiring a 1939 Chris Craft Barrel back by sheer luck, Dave took the time and patience to explain to me the workings of the boat. He made me feel like I was his only customer! I felt guilty the amount of time he spent on the phone explaining what I should be educated about, I tried to get him to charge me a consulting fee, which he would not. He is a true craftsman, there's not a lot of people around anymore that have that kind of knowledge and passion for their career."
July 27, 2020


"Dave Moore isn’t just a repairman, he’s a craftsman. He takes a lot of pride in his work and he should. He took the forty+ year-old boat my father built for me when I was a teenager and not only brought it back to life, but significantly improved it (sorry Dad). Each year Dave puts my boat in for me and takes it out. He listens to me regarding any repairs or amendments I need and he always comes through. Dave isn’t just a friend to me, he’s my boat’s best friend. If I hadn’t found him, I’d no longer have my boat, which is a treasure to me, a reminder of the love my father had for me."
June 22, 2020

"Wow.....Dave just spent an hour on the phone with me giving me a crash course in wood boat ownership and I’m not even a customer yet! He is very helpful, knowledgeable and experienced in his craft. His advice was was key in helping me make a purchase decision. Thanks again Dave!"
June 5, 2020

"Dave was very helpful on my project, a 1961 Chris Craft 17-ft runabout. The found the parts I needed and took the time to give me much useful advice on all manner of things including tips on restoration, maintenance, boating skills, and some historical perspectives on wooden boats. He is a highly knowledgeable man on the topic of wooden boats. Listen to what he has to say. "