Boats For Sale in Michigan


The restoration of this boat is well underway and it can easily be finished by the new owner. With the passing of the current owner this boat can be yours at a great value. Pictures of the boat are not very easy to get due to where it is but if you have an interest in this boat please contact us and we will make every effort to answer your questions.


1957 16’ SEAFARER

This Wagemaker is for sale! It’s a one-owner boat purchased new from Wagemaker. It has the boat, motor, and trailer. It is all original, but needing restoration. A perfect boat for a do-it-yourself-er! INQUIRE FOR DETAILS!


1931 22’ CHRIS CRAFT


This is a 1960 20′ Seaskiff Chris Craft w/283 Engine, it is a turn-key ready to go, it has a custom fit trailer, perfect family boat


Original Hull With Original Hardware

Chris Craft 22′ Utility

This is a Single Owner boat house kept 1948 U – 22 – 1288 Chris Craft. I have refastened the hull sides with bronze, the bottom has been replaced in a traditional manner. Yes, that means with white lead and canvas. All fasteners in the bottom were replaced with bronze, the engine is the original serial number model ML 145 HP. I did a complete valve job on it, Installed my reproduction F – Series full flow oil filter and installed an original thermostat assy on it. We also rebuilt the gen, starter, carburetor, water pump. The ignition system is all new and remains as it was a 6V System. I turned the hub and replaced the output seal. The engine operates at 140 degrees with 30 LBS oil pressure and does not leak any oil. Brad Penn oil is in the engine of course, as I am an authorized dealer. The top sides of the hull and the fir interior are the original 1948 finish. It has never been refinished. The front seat still has the original Marshall Unit and all the upholstery is the original Tolex Blue. The throw cushions still retain the Chris Craft tags.

1942 17′ DLX Runabout

This boat is an older complete restoration, turn key ready to go, multiple show winner, Mod K engine, No trailer.

1957 13′ Lyman

All original, extensive repairs done to bottom, Does not leak, newer style Evinrude runs excellent, custom fit bunk style trailer, no soaking.

1957 Continental with MCL175

This motor runs excellent, this is a typical continental requiring the personal attention as does the capri for that styling frenzy the fins produced. Both models have automobile qualities simulated into their very complex interiors it will be a project requiring common sense and commitment so that you will have your floating 57 Chevy.

1960 16′ Cruisers Inc.

This is a one-owner boat, extensive hull restoration, modern Honda outboard, turn key ready to go, no soaking, no trailer, no leaks.

14′ Whitehall Rowing Skiff

This boat has been cold molded with epoxy, the quality of the craftsmanship is stunning to say the least. What you see in the pictures comes with the boat: life preserver’s, cushions, oars, dock lines, bumpers. The boat sits on a brand-new shore land’R trailer which still requires the bunks to be fit to the hall. You will be proud to own this beauty.