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Fuel stabilizers are essential and can prevent water formation within the fuel system.

The Whole Truth About Lead in Gasoline – Gordon Millar

More About Ethanol

The story above explains in easy to understand words what you need to know about ethanol, but let me go one step further speaking from experience: if you are going to use gasoline with the ethanol mix in your older engines having cast iron carburetors, galvanized fuel tanks, fiberglass tanks, rubber diaphragm fuel pumps, then treat the gasoline with Star Tron gasoline additive for ethanol. If you plan on running the engine regularly to use up all the gasoline that’s perfect. If the engine will sit for periods of time longer than two weeks then the carburetor, fuel pump, fuel tank should be drained. Star Tron is a wonderful product but it can’t keep the gasoline bonded to the ethanol for long periods of time, like winter storage. No product made yet can do this. So in short, it is best to never use gasoline with alcohol in it if the engine is an older model. This applies to your marine engines, lawnmowers, rototillers, chainsaws, snow mobiles, etc.

What You Need To Know About Your Oil

The secret to maintaining any vintage car or classic boat in Michigan is reliable oil. When it comes to antique boats, choosing the right lubrication is critically important. Northwood Boatworks recommends oil with higher levels of zinc and phosphorous (ZDDP or ZDP)—specifically Brad Penn Grade High Performance Oil. These additives help to prevent internal friction in older engines and those that have recently been rebuilt. They’re the first line of defense against heat and friction in the critical valve train components in these early engines. Valvoline VR1 can be run in all solid lifter engines so long as they don’t have a wet clutch. The Lucas brand oils also contain the correct levels of ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphates) so along with Brad Penn oils, they both can be used in wet clutches. NEVER use ZDDP additives. Use oil brands with the correct levels already in them. At this point, there are no other oil brands on the market containing the correct levels of ZDDP.

Why Every Engine Needs to Be Stored with Fresh Oil

Why ZDDP Should Be Important To You
Only 12-14% or 12-14 Parts Per Million of Each Chemical is Needed

The Use Of Mystery Oil In Vintage Marine Engines
I was shown the use of Marvel Mystery oil when I as in my teens and have continued to use it regularly. The engines are fogged with it as winterization time but most importantly it is poured into the gas tank for daily use. 4 ounces per 10 gallons of gas every time the gas is replenished. A life time has gone and I have witnessed this product to free up sticky valves caused by infrequent use. This product will not harm your engine, even if it’s a new model with fuel injection. I also run it in my ’07 Ford Ranger since it was new. I also run this oil in my diesel engine oil. Diesel engines are very hard on their engine oil and it is claimed to help stabilize the oil viscosity. You can read this on the Marvel Mystery Oil website. After 45 years of using it, I believe in it. Give it a try.


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